These comments are taken from feedback from students, or from things they said during and after their courses.
Comments on the 8 week course:

Its hard to explain the enjoyment and happiness I have had here. I have learnt a lot  about life and how conservation really is. This is one of the most beautiful places I have seen and would recommend it to anyone . I would love to thank Wayne,Trells and Pumeza for everything they have done. Ashley Gous, Ballito, South Africa - March, 2009.


I am lost for words as how to explain the times and experiences I have had here in the last 8 weeks. The places we have been to are extraordinary and leave me speechless. I have learnt a lot on this course and in life itself. I thank Wayne, Trelss and Pumeza for everything they have done to make this course an experience you’ll never forget. Ashlee Birch, East London/Port Elizabeth, South Africa - March, 2009.


I really enjoyed these two months that I have been here and I would do it all over again if I could!!!

This was truly an experience of a life time and I learned a lot , but the best memory will always be the walking with cheetahs ,gave me such an adrenalin rush J

I will defenitly recommend any one to go and experience this. Twanet van der Linde, Johannesburg , South Africa - March, 2009.


 "The 8 weeks I spent on the Conservation and Wildlife Management Course are some of the best weeks of my life. I thoroughly enjoyed the whole experience. The content was delivered in a very well thought out manner and although we were learning we were having plenty of fun at the same time. The broad range of the course has been particularly useful to me as I plan on going into wildlife and I think Wayne has a complete understanding of nature and his surroundings and is very passionate about conservation. I would recommend anyone who is interested in nature, wildlife and the outdoors generally to go on this course. Being right in the bush and away from the stresses of life is a great tonic and you can take time out to just sit and listen." Catherine Francis Zimbabwe - March, 2008.

"I will always remember studying here and recommend the course to all who are interested in conservation and wildlife." Sean Webber UK - April, 2007.

"The two months I have been here have been some of the most interesting and fun months I've ever spent... The location of the camp is ideal as it really gives a genuine feel of being right in the bush, but with hot water, flushing toilets and electricity you don't feel completely cut off from certain luxuries." Tom Webber UK - April, 2007.

"Thank you... for being a great teacher (Wayne Vos) and a good friend!" Gabrielle Oppermann Germany - April 2007.

"I'm more knowledgeable about birds, trees, animals and the surrounding environment, thanks to you Wayne for your good lecturing..." Vuyani Mjadu, Umzi Wethu Programme, SA - March, 2007.

"Since I have arrived it has been an eyeopener for me." Siphokazi Liwani, Umzi Wethu Programme, SA - March, 2007. 

"I had such a fantastic time and loved every minute, from the rain and the spiders to the game drives and nature walks." Kathryn Gomme UK - March, 2007.

“LEKKER. If there is one word to sum up our experience here so far, then it would be the Afrikaans word LEKKER. Everybody here has been very welcoming and made the two of us feel right at home. We arrived during the Christmas holidays and we had the delightful pleasure of meeting Wayne and his extended family. Wayne is an extremely knowledgeable field guide and lecturer and will always do his utmost to give you the most enjoyable, fun and exciting experience while you are here. Wayne’s entire family and parents have each contributed to our education and the experience of a different lifestyle.” Lyndsey Taylor and Gareth Luscombe UK -  Jan/Feb, 2006.

“My favourite day was when we went on a game drive in Shamwari where I saw lots more African animals and plants and went to the Born Free Centre. Although it was sad, it was good to see the leopards and lions in healthy enclosures and free from harm. I also achieved a lot personally, for example I am no longer scared of spiders and can sleep in a tent in the bush quite happily.” Laura Snook UK - Jan/Feb, 2006.

“Apart from that, other highlights were firearm training, 4x4 driving, finding a fresh mountain reedbuck kill about 150 metres from the camp, and braais, lots of braais [barbeques]!! Hope this has inspired you to come .... ‘cause I’ve loved it here! See ya, Mwah!” A-force, Greyman, Benji, Badger and Mills - April, 2006.

Comments on the Bush Survival course:

...Finally we drove back home to Carltonville, not really wanting to leave, yet equipped with so many new skills and knowledge...The week was better than any vacation anywhere in the world. I will never forget the clear open skies and the sea of stars visible from the camp at night..." Henrico Beukes, Carltonville, South Africa - November, 2008.

“My 1-week Bush Survival Course with CA was great fun. The CA staff and students were really friendly and made me feel very welcome. I learnt a lot about how to survive in the African bush by building a shelter, learning how to find and collect water, making a fire, and what plants and animals to eat. I also learnt a lot about the different types of wildlife and trees found in South Africa.” Laura Snook - January, 2006.

“Bush survival week where we learned that an unhealthy supply of marshmallows on the barbeque is an essential survival tool. Seriously, though, we learned some useful skills and got to see some cool Bushman paintings. In the middle of bush survival week, we had planned to do snaring or something but in true flexi-schedule spirit, Wayne woke us up early saying, “We’re leaving for game capture in five minutes”. We headed for Bedford grasslands to catch some red hartebeest and springbok. This was brilliant, not that we actually caught very much. Due to technical hitches we lost a whole herd of hartebeest and several thousand Rand….Whoopsie. It was way more fun that way anyway, as we got to experience game capture and release (or escape, if you want to be pedantic about it) in one easy trip. Some of us also got to experience what it’s like to be part of a hartebeest herd, although we weren’t particularly welcome in the herd as they tried to let us know with their horns.” Eamonn O’Sullivan, Ben Kither, AJ Brewer, Miriam Burell, and Graham Racher - April, 2006.


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